Pre Planning gives your family peace of mind. It can eliminate having to make important decisions at a stressful time.


Read stories about  how others have given themselves and their loved ones peace of mind by pre-planning funeral or cemetery arrangements. Don’t wait. Click or call now, to begin your own pre-planning story.


Losing a loved one can be the most difficult experience a family can face. More adults are finding that planning their own funeral service offers great emotional and even financial security for their loved ones.


Purple Cross knows how hard it is for families, who have just lost someone, to sit down and make numerous decisions for the deceased. By pre-planning your funeral or cremation wishes, you can spare your loved ones the grief and financial burdens at the worst possible time of our lives.


Health problems can create financial disasters. Our plan may be made exempt from SSI and Medicaid regulations. We often help people in spend-down situations to still allow for dignified services after their death.


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peace of mind

Even the simplest of funeral arrangements can cause a financial hardship. Our plans are 100% portable, so if you move, your policy will follow you.


Purple Cross can pay the beneficiary of that policy within 48 hours. This helps families or care workers pay for services immediately.


The funeral home involved does not need to wait for the money or look to your family members to pay the bill. Regular life insurance policies often take 60-90 days to pay a claim.


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