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frequently asked questions

How long has Purple Cross been in business?

Since 1948 and Purple Cross is owned by the Washington State Funeral Directors Association.


How many families has Purple Cross served with it's products?

Since 1948 Purple Cross has served over 500,000 families across the United Sates.


Is there a dollar limit to what we can set aside and still qualify for Medicaid Assistance for nursing home care?

No reasonable amount is refused. However, our office places a limit of $25,000.00.


Can we set aside money to pay for travel related expenses of family members for the funeral or cremation services of our loved one?

Yes. travel expenses including airfare, lodging, meals and etc. are allowed.


Are there any charges for the services you provide?



After contacting your office, how long does it take for you to prepare the documents we will need to present to DSHS?

The process at our office is very simple and fast. We can prepare the documents you will need within 24 hours of your call.


How long are these prices good?

If you purchase a Purple Cross policy today, your cost for these packages may never increase. Your Purple Cross policy may take care of any inflation when you select one of our recommended providers.


Do these packages cover all costs?

You may be faced with some third party costs that are totally outside the control of the funeral service provider. Such additional expenses may include:


• State sales tax (merchandise only)

• Certified death certificates

• Obituary notices

• Cemetery expenses


Can Purple Cross help with third party expenses?

Yes. Most people elect to add an allowance to their policy to help cover these expenses. The funeral service provider cannot guarantee these costs, so your survivors will get to apply the extra funds toward these expenses as they see fit. Any money not used will be returned to your family.


Note: If you claim a Medicaid or SSI exemption for these funds, they must be used for funeral related services.


What if I don’t want to select a funeral home or if I move and don’t use the firm I originally selected?

Your next of kin may use any firm of their choice to service the package. However, if you elect not to use a Purple Cross recommended provider, then the cost does not apply and your beneficiaries or the utilized funeral home will receive the proceeds in cash. In this instance, the package selected can serve as a guide to your wishes.

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