Purple Cross has been helping families

pre-fund funeral and cremation needs

since 1948.

Purple Cross recommends four (4) package plans which are the most frequent choices made by families today. Variations of all these plans are available as well, such as an immediate burial for a veteran in one of our National Cemeteries.


Look over the different options and decide which package best fits your funeral wishes. Then let your Purple Cross representative help you get a price for your city and state.


Traditional Funeral Plan

Our recommended traditional funeral plan allows you to fund a beautiful service without the stress of selecting necessary merchandise and services in a funeral home or selection room. Read More...

Traditional Cremation Plan

The traditional cremation plan allows you to fund a visitation and funeral service followed by cremation. Read More...

Direct Cremation Plan

This is a simple, direct cremation without any service. Read More...

Final Expenses, The Purple Cross Plan

Set aside any amount you would like to be paid to your named beneficiary at the time of your death. Read More...

Regardless of the type of Purple Cross Plan selected, everyone in Washington State always receives more money back (at the time of death) then what they have paid into their Plan.


All Purple Cross Plans grow in value TAX FREE for the life time of the insured.


All death benefits are TAX FREE at the time of need.


When applying for DSHS assistance (nursing home care) all funds placed in a Purple Cross Plan may be made exempt. This means that what you set aside in your Purple Cross Plan does not count as a asset against you. Many individuals may have more then $2,000.00 in cash assets when applying for Medicaid assistance. (DSHS) If the excess funds over $2,000.00 are placed in an IRREVOCABLE Purple Cross Plan this excess is protected to pay for Final Expenses in the future (protection for the client and their families).


For those that qualify, time payment plans are available with full insurance coverage. (meaning if death occurs while making payments and all payments are current, Purple Cross will pay the full death benefit.) There is no additional charge for the insurance coverage in Washington State.

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Whole life insurance and annuities may not be available in all areas.