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due to costs and arrangements for burial or cremation.

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Thanks for Helping Our Father Qualify for Medicaid

We were told by a state worker that the limit we could set aside was $1,500.00. This amount would not cover the final expenses for our father. When we contacted your office you made it very easy for us and we were able to set aside all the money needed to provide for our fathers wishes. —Mark, Spokane WA


Thank You for Your Help with an Irrevocable Trust Account

We did not understand the process for setting aside funds for our mother. All we knew is that we were not able to qualify mom for DSHS benefits because she had more then $2,000.00 in assets. Your office was able to help us place her excess funds in an irrevocable trust account and qualify for mom's nursing home care. We are very grateful for the help that you provided to us a no cost. —Betty, Tri Cities, WA


Assistance with DSHS for Nursing Home Care has been a Blessing

We were under the impression that we could only set aside $1,500.00 from my brothers saving account when applying for assistance with DSHS for nursing home care. Your help to our family to set aside a more reasonable amount of money was wonderful. Our brother was able to qualify for nursing home care and have funds set aside for all his final expenses. —Joanne, Seattle, WA


Grateful for All Your Help Navigating DSHS

We were not sure what to do about spending down the assets of my father so he could qualify for nursing home care. The State of Washington DSHS did not allow father to have more then $2,000.00 in his account and still qualify for assistance. As you know dad had more then what is allowed. You were able to help us set up an account for the excess funds and still qualify for state assistance. We are very grateful. —Carl, Tacoma, WA


Thank You for Helping My Brother Quality for DSHS Assistance

We were referred to you by a guardianship that has used your services in the past. You made it possible for us to set aside the excess funds in his account before they were gone due to private care nursing home expense. Thank you again. We will be telling our friends about your service. —Ray, Everett, WA


Thankful for Help with Disabilities and State Assistance

Thank you for your help and understanding during this stressful time for our family. As you know our son has become disabled and you were able to assist us in helping him qualify for state assistance by setting aside funds for his final expenses. You made it easy for us and we thank you. —Janet and Bob, Centralia, WA

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